Astaroth Ritual 

A personalized Ritual Shall be done with you or on your behalf to bring your request forward to Astaroth. Any insights and instructions that I receive will be included in the report. 

Astaroth can be worked with for a variety of reasons. Matters of Love, War, Self-Love, Healing from Trauma , to gain self confidence and for gaining personal insights that can lead to spiritual enlightenment helping with your connection to your Higher Self. 

What’s included:

A consultation prior to the spell via zoom, instant messenger or email based on your preference. 

A Divination included in the consultation

A joint ritual via Skype or Zoom . If you are not in attendance I will record a Video of the Ritual for you to participate when you are ready to further enhance the resluts and to make a personal connection with the Spirit.

 A written report will be provided after the spell is complete with any observations and  further instructions . 

You will be taught how to connect with Astaroth  independently to empower you with the knowledge and skills to perform your futures Rituals with confidence.
After you purchase the package I will be in touch via email to set up the consultation within 48 hours.


Astaroth Ritual