Aura Boost & Shield Spray

Aura Boost & Shield Spray


Aura Boost & Shield Spray 


This spray will boost and strengthen your energetic field and add a shielding layer of extra protection! This blend that was specially designed for those who are psychic, empathic, and highly intuitive. I mean seriously, Who doesn’t need the peace of mind knowing that there is an extra layer of shielding to protect your energetic space. This carefully chosen blend of herbs, oils, and crystals have been charged and harvested then combined at the most auspicious energetic tides for this specific purpose. Ritually charged to further enhance the protective & Sheilding properties to increase the benefits for you on all levels!


This mist blend can used to spray your room or even better worn on your body as a beautiful fragrance to invoke the powerful protection of this blend. As always I harvested the herbs with the appropriate rituals at the most ideal energetic tides, and ritually charged this sacred mist. 

I use all natural and high quality ingredients. 


For protection ensure mouth and eyes are closed then mist entire face and body. Then relax and enjoy the wonderful feeling.

Makes a wonderful personal fragrance for daily use, meditation, or ritual.


Shake well before each use. For external use only.

1 ounce spray bottle


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