Aura Strengthening and Chakra Alignment

Aura Strengthening and Chakra Alignment


I will be in contact within 3 business days to let you know when I will be performing your session. Please provide with the information concerning your symptoms and surrounding situation before hand.  I will begin my work to remove blockages, balance and sending healing energy to your energetic centres using the ancient art of energy healing Reiki. I will dislodge and remove energy cords that connect you to individuals you are no longer in your life that you are still attached to energetically. These energetic cords can be very draining upon your energy body, as well as emotionally and physically. I end the session by surrounding you in a golden light of universal energy sending protection and healing energy to engulf and surround you. You will feel so much more open to receive the joys of life once again.

You do not have to do anything special for this other than be open to receive the healing work. I will provide you with a written report after the session.

Blessed be!

Maggie Moon 

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