Witches Protection Black Salt

Witches Protection Black Salt


Witches Protection Black Salts  

Black salt is a non edible salt that may be used in spells for protection. You may also sprinkle at your windows, front & back door for protection. Many witches place some in the four quarter of their home for protection. You may also use it to cleanse your ritual items, jewelry, and crystals! You may also use it in your Magick for all types of protection for yourself or others. You may add herbs and intention to the salt for a personalized touch to your Magick!

You may add Cinnamon to protect your heart from being hurt in love relationships. You may wear it it as a charm.

Rosemary to assist your memory, self confidence and help you make wiser decisions.

Lavender to assist the nerves being fried from toxic relationships and interactions. This can be also helpful in your magical travels.

Camomile to assist in happiness and maintaining relaxation.

There are endless possibilities!
Hand blened Ritually charged. This Witches Protection Black Salt is my personal recipe that includes ashes from a Ritual fire, iron scrapings from my cauldron,protective herbs, and magicial intention. Specially formulated for banishing and protection. 

Not for ingestion

130-175 grams

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