Cliodna Celtic Goddess of the Sea Beauty Ritual Bath  Salts

Cliodna Celtic Goddess of the Sea Beauty Ritual Bath  Salts

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Cliodna Celtic Goddess of the Sea Beauty Ritual Bath  Salts


Cliodna pronounced *(KLEE-nah)*, is the Celtic Goddess of the Sea, the Otherworld, Passion, Love, and Beauty.


The Ancient people’s believed that this Beautiful Celtic Goddesses had power over all aspects of life, particularly those associated with magick, fertility, beauty, love and prosperity.

Cliodna was the inspirational force behind the creation of this amazing blend of Ritual Bath Salts.

I truly feel that this is the most powerful bath salt that I have made thus far!

After using this amazing blend you may notice that you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.Spirits uplifted, and the weight of day-to-day worries and stressors fall away more easily . Your inner divine self shining! Your skin will feel beautiful, soft, and smelling delicious. Made with Corse Grey Celtic 

Hand harvested Sea Salt Obtained from the evaporation of seawater then further infused  with the combined action of the powerful wind and sun. 3.5 ounces of salts

Indulge yourself with this magical blend.  You are sure to love it! 


Ritual Salts also work amazingly well in harmony bowls around the house, temple, and workspace. Energetically clearing the atmosphere of negativity and leaving an uplifting vibe. You may add crystals to your harmony bowls to amplify the amazing energy further. The salt may also be used in rituals and in your magical workings.

They are sure to give a boost of energy wherever used.


Ingredients: Grey Celtic sea salt,Epsom salts,

Citric acid,Sodium Bicarbonate, Dried: Lavender,Patchouli,


Catnip,Juniper Berries,

Calendula flowers, Calendula essential oil, 

Lavender essential oil,

Mandarin orange essential oil,

Orange peel essential oil,

Lotus essential oil,Frankincense essential oil ,Rosemary essential oil, 

Ylang ylang essential oil.

Infused with the energy of the Celtic Sea Goddess  Cliodna!

Comes in a reusable tin, with a wooden spoon, and a moon mesh bag to put your salts in before immersing the blend into your tub. If you do not wish to have a bath you may hang the bag from your showerhead to benefit from all of the amazing magical properties of this secret Blend of Ritual herbs, oils, and salts

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