Energy blockages and cords can form from a variety of situations, interactions, events, places, and exchanges of energy that occur on a subconscious level during our day-to-day interactions.

Overtime these can become heavy, overwhelming and extremely blocked. As a result these can start to affect your health and well-being and if left untreated can contribute to a variety of ill effects.

Trauma, conflict, abusive relationships, arguments, stressors can leave a large damaging imprint upon us energetically. 


Daily psychic hygiene practises are imperative to maintain a balanced energetic state. Not everyone has the time or training to implement these practices into their lives in an effective manner. Particularly the initial deep removal of blockages and cords that have been built up over your lifetime. This is why I offer this service. Through the energy cord removal & Auric healing service I am able to preform a deep energy body clearing to remove and release past built-up traumas, ,emotions and negative attachments to things that no longer serve you. Sometimes the removal of deep childhood or past wounds can leave what may feel like a hole in the auric field so I will then assist and encourage the healing in these areas as well as the entire energy body.I will end the session by balancing your chakras, surrounding you in a golden ball of universal life force energy to strengthen your aura and I will use a selenite wand to assist in the healing and regeneration of your aura, then end the session by connecting you to the earths energy. This will assist you with feeling more aligned, grounded, and able to release any stress or negative emotions into the earth and enable you to receive the healing and grounding energies of Mother Earth. To assist you with the skills to maintain the healthy energetic state I have created a Psychic Hygeine Video course.
The psychic hygiene video course will teach you how to preform a variety of daily psychic hygiene practices for the maintenance of your balanced and healthy energetic field. This is important to keep you in a state of homeostasis. You will also acquire the skills to detect energy imbalances, psychic attachments, and learn how to correct them quickly. This will assist you with great health, well being, and to have a strong protective barrier around you.


After your session is complete you will receive a report of any insights that I received during the working and any after care instructions that will assist you on your journey to wholeness and balance. 





Once you purchase this service you will immediately receive instructions on how we are going to proceed with the service.

I will be in contact with you shortly after.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate.


I strongly recommend that you watch the energy cord cutting video that is found in the blog section of this website.



Maggie Moon

Energy Cord Cutting Service & Psychic Hygiene Course