Hecate Pillar Candle

Hecate Pillar Candle


This stunning 8 inch black pillar candle has been anointed with Hecate Oil, and rolled in nontoxic silver sparkles! These pictures do not do this beautiful candle justice!

Is the goddess of magic, witchcraft, spell casting, the nightside, the moon, spirits and necromancy! She is the lady with the keys to the cross roads. Work with Hecate for Night Side works, to awaken your psychic abilities, to engage in magic, sorcery, spirit communication, divination, and the divine feminine! 

Please note that each candle is Is individually made during the most idea times in ritual and as such may display markings, wax indentations, or other characteristics that are unique to your individual spell candle. The spell candles are ritual tools that are empowered to assist your workings. The candle will be anointed with Hecate oil .

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