Lilith Oil

 Lilith is an ancient Goddess dating back to Babylonian times. She is Queen of the witches and nightside sorcery. Lilith is a very versatile Goddess that may be worked with in a wide variety of workings. This Lilith oil was created during a ritual with the desire to create a very sacred blend that would honour her. As a result I was able to create a very powerful oil that can be used for a wide variety of Magickal undertakings. You may wear this oil daily as a fragrance . You may also use as a Ritual tool during magic and sorcery. You may anoint your Lilith statues, candles, any magical spells that you wish to imbue with  Lilith Energy. As this oil embodies all aspects of the divine mother. All you need to do is activate the oil with your intention before each use. Note it is the same shipping Rate if you order one, 2 or three.. why not indulge. You deserve it! Bottle Colours may vary!

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