Lilith Ritual Salts

Lilith Ritual Salts



Lilith Ritual Salts

Lilith is queen of the witches and mother of demons. A powerful Goddess associated with night side sorcery, healing, self empowerment, protection, and kundalini energy!

Use this salt in your tub to wash away the mundane, relax, and connect with your inner daemon and to infuse your entire being with Lilith energy! An excellent blend to strengthen your aura, meditate in the tub and connect with her,  connect and awaken your inner Lilith! May be infused with your intention to further amplify the effects. Excellent for works of sorcery, passion, protection, healing, connecting with the Divine feminine, embracing your inner darkness, finding balance, and sexual energy, healing and/or  awakening the inner sex god/dess 

The possibilities are plenty. All you do is bless the salts with your intention and soak in the magick! 

Perfect for every day, or before ritual, or special occasions! 

Your skin will feel beautiful, soft, and smelling delicious. Made with Corse Grey Celtic Hand harvested Sea Salt Obtained from the evaporation of seawater then further infused with the combined power of the powerful wind and sun.

You are sure to love it!

An amazing blend of herbs: juniper berries, patchouli, gardenia fruit, Lilith oil, Celtic sea salts, Epsom salts, citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, mica and infused with Lilith  energy and magick! 

3.5 ounces of salts.Comes in a reusable tin, wooden spoon, a pouch for your salts and herbs, and a bath ritual.


Indulge yourself with this magical and truly spectacular blend!


Ritual Salts also work amazingly well harmony bowls around the house, temple, and workspace. Energetically clearing the atmosphere of negativity and leaving an uplifting vibe. You may add crystals to your harmony bowls to amplify the amazing energy further. The salt may also be used in rituals and in your magical workings. 


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