Persephone Oil Roll On

Persephone Oil Roll On


Persephone is a Greek Goddess associated with Spring and is Queen of the Underworld. Persephone teaches us of transformation and of the changing seasons. Teaching us the Mysteries of balance of both the darkness and the light. In the coming of Spring She is the beautiful youthful maiden, innocent , playful, full of enthusiasm and artistic creation. At Springtime She arises from the Underworld to join us. Persephone and Her Mother Demeter awaken the Spring and Summer!!! Bringing with them the warmth of the sun , fertile lands and beautifully fragrant flowers! Welcome in the Spring with the vibrant youthful and refreshing energy of Persephone felt within this delightful collection! When Summer is at its end Persephone will go back to the Underworld. Heralding the arrival once more of Fall and Winter where things turn more to the darkness. A movement inward and an introspective time of inner work and personal transformation. Now it is the time to think of Spring! The warmer and longer day! Let’s us delight in knowing the warm, the spring, the flowers , bonfires, drumming, dancing, sitting in the warmth of sun, the return of the birds, the rich fertile lands humming with the song of the bees outdoor rituals, sitting in the sun, swimming in the lakes, rivers, and oceans! Welcome Spring!!! We welcome your rerun Beautoues Persephone!!! She is stirring below .. feel the quickening beneath ...can you feel it? Focus your awareness beneath the earth and welcome the Spring once again to the land! Persephone is the inspiration behind this Spring Equinox collection! Ingredients:Star anise oil Frankincense oil Nutmeg oil Orange oil, lemon oil, vanilla, bergamot , ylang ylang lemongrass High quality Olive oil!


The Persphone salts, oils, soaps, incense, and candles can be easily used when working with any deity associated with Spring like energy! 

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