For Money, Love, or Protection! This is not for break up spells or banrful magick. After you book this service your email will be reviewed. Your goal and surrounding circumstances will be taken into consideration as I design the perfect spell to accomplish the task. Please provide a detailed description of your goal and surround circumstances with great detail, and also provide names and dates of birth of those involved. If you are unsure about the spell book a consultation before the spell. These 3 candles will be lit in an ongoing working on your behalf on the best Day of the week, and phase of the moon, anointed with oils, and herbs that will add power to the spell. I will not record the spell casting but can provide a picture before and after the spell. The spell candle will be started and worked during the appropriate day, hour, and phase of the moon and not necessarily at the time of purchase/booking. 

I will be in touch withon 48 hours of purchase.



Candle Magick (3 Candle Spell)

  • Notes :

    For love obsession spells please consider Hoodoo Love Spell. For Uncossings and unhexing consider Protection Spell.