To Conjure Spirits Pillar Candle

To Conjure Spirits Pillar Candle


To Conjure Spirits!

We are in the time of darkness. The dark half of the year has taken its grip upon the land. The veil is continuing to thin and will be completely gone for the remaining  dark half of the year. This is an ideal time to communicate with spirits. To gaze into the other realms. To learn the secrets of magic and sorcery! To call upon the ancestral dead for Protection and Guidance! The spirits are there waiting to be called and  to share with you the answers to your burning questions! Are you ready to gaze into the other world? Will to heed the call to this opportunity? To a time where great wisdom can be won! ????Personal transformation is a foot!

Are you ready!??
Please note that each candle is Is individually made and unique ,created for you during the most ideal times, in ritual as a magickal act, and as such may display markings, wax indentations, slight colour varations in areas, or other characteristics that are unique to your individual spell candle. The spell candles are ritual tools that are empowered to assist your workings. They are not pretty little display candles they are created for acts of witchcraft . Always use caution when burning these as they are for responisble magical practitioners that will burn them safely.Some candles are create with images on them, oils, and herbs, witch can cause high flames. Please burn in a bowl, pot, or cauldron away from other flameable objects. The candle will be anointed with beyond the veil oil and dressed with wormwood, calamus root, and mugwort.

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