This is a very potent blend that will uncross, ward, and protect you on all levels. If you feel like you are under attact in any way, jinxed, or just in need of some protction this is the bath salt for you! This will help strengthen your auric field and protect you. 

First wash yourself in a shower to clean your body, and then run that bath and soak your troubles away. Be sure to get the water on all parts of your body,including your head washing away from you. This means from the top downwards. Allow yourself to air dry if you can.

You can also save some bath water to wash your floors, or sprinkle around your house. 


Comes in a 4 ounce Tin

Uncrossing to Ward & Protect Ritual Bath Salt tin

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    Note Shipping costs are the same for one or two tins. Why not  indulge? You deserve it. 

  • Directions

    Use two table spoons or up to 1/4 cup in a warm tub.