Witches Horned God Invocation & Devotional Pillar

Witches Horned God Invocation & Devotional Pillar


Witches Horned God Invocation & Devotional 8 inch Pillar

Call Him Satan,Satyr, Cernunnos, Pan, Dionyssos, Kokopelli,Bucca,

Lord of animals, Green Man, whatever it may be.. You will feel the call and know what is right for you.

Infused with Horned God Energy, adorned with a parchment, hand drawn sigil, and anointed with Horned God oil.


Please note that each candle is  individually made and unique. Created for you during the most ideal times, in ritual as a magickal act, and as such may display markings, wax indentations, slight colour variations in areas, or other characteristics that are unique to your individual spell candle. The spell candles are ritual tools that are empowered to assist you in your magickal workings. They are not pretty little display candles they are created for acts of witchcraft and sorcery. Actual candle pictured.


Safety Notes: I am excited to share my creations with you. This is Witchcraft and In order to ensure everyone’s safety there are a few things to keep in mind when burning your candles. For jar candles and pillar candles please note that these are not pretty little factory made candles for the coffee table. These are created for spell casters that will take the act of candle burning seriously. As we know spell candles can behave very strangely at times due the energy occurring within the spell. Add to that essential oils, images, sigils drawn on parchment paper and herbs.. we have a potential for large and erratic flames! This is part of a spell casters reality! Jar candles may crack for a variety of magical reasons and with temperature variations or when burned for extended amounts of time. Decorated, anointed, and dressed pillar candles can behave unpredictably depending on a variety of  magical and practical factors as well. Please burn all candles in a cauldron, pot, bowl, or another heat resistant  surface to ensure safety just in case. Also keep away from other items that may be flammable! And never leave your candle unattended ! 

You candle comes charged and ready for you to infuse it with your intention to manifest your desire! Happy Spell Casting!

Dark & Wild Blessings!

Maggie Moon

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